Illadelph Glass - Limited Edition Space Monkey - Double Chamber Coil Percolator Diffuser Downstem Straight Water Pipe - Rasta - 5mm Thickness / 17" Height


Illadelph Glass - Limited Edition Space Monkey Straight Water Pipe

  • 17" Height
  • 5mm Wall Thickness
  • Straight Bottom
  • Rasta
  • 4.5" Base Diameter
  • Rasta Labeling
  • Green Mini Glycerin Coil Percolator 
  • Green Branded Diffuser Downstem
  • 18mm Reinforced Fitting
  • 14mm Clear pullstem With Green Multi-Holed Bowl Included
  • Space Monkey Label on Coil Percolator and on Bottom Of Base
  • Banana Marble on Back of Coil
  • Blown in Philly
  • Comes Packaged In Illadelpg Box With Grinder
  • Limited Edition 41/99

Made in USA

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