Evak - Storage Container - Frosted - Mini - 6oz

Vendor: Evak


Evak - Storage Container - Frosted - Mini - 6oz

These cute little containers use the same innovative valve system as the rest of the EVAK line, taking the air out so your fine items stay fresher! The longer it is exposed to air, the faster it loses flavor.

The twin valve system automatically forces the air out as you push down the lid to the desired level.

Using these types of valves makes it so the product doesn't require any buttons, levers or switches to be engaged to operate, simply push down to seal, and pull up to gain access to what is inside.

The 2-valve system is sealed closed when the plunger is not in motion, but when it is pulled up, or pushed down it automatically activates one of the two valves. The system is a one step process which is another reason EVAK is so revolutionary.


Materials: Glass, BPA free plastic

To clean: Glass is dishwasher safe; wipe handle clean

Available in: Clear or Frosted Glass 

Sizes: Mini 6oz | Compact 16oz | Medium 24oz | Large 46oz